Get to know Portfolium

December 12, 2017
Meet John: VP of Architecture – Building a Better Portfolium One Line of Code at a Time premium
Welcome back to our latest blog series dedicated to getting to know the people at Portfolium. This Planet Portfolium interview will feature our VP of Architecture, John Eisberg. Strap in as we launch this rocket of information to Planet John, where we’ll discover unknown info on the origins of his career here at Portfolium. 1) […]
September 27, 2017
Meet Jim: VP, Product Marketing & Strategy – Making Marketing Look Easy premium
Congratulations on your return to Planet Portfolium, the only planet with an atmosphere comprised of personality and excellence! Our interviewee today will be Jim Milton, VP of Product Marketing and Strategy. Make sure your space suit is operational before you embark on this journey of Jim’s life that will show you why he is so […]