January 25, 2017
3 Ways to Maximize Your SLO Data premium
While the use of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) continues to grow, there seems to be very little information available about how to manage all the data collected. The SLO process produces ample amounts of data, which mostly ends up stored, instead of studied or utilized. As such, the question becomes, ‘What is the best way […]
January 18, 2017
A Successful Competency-Based Education Program Begins with Measuring Learning Outcomes premium
Increasingly, competency-based education (CBE) is becoming an essential component to competency-based hiring (CBH). Because CBE models are based on clearly defined learning outcomes, their transparency gets employers attention for three reasons: Successful competency-based educational models inherently foster the development of higher order critical thinking, problem solving, organization, innovation, and communication skills. CBE students can demonstrate […]
November 9, 2016
Penn Selects Portfolium to Enhance its Career Services’ Offerings to Students premium
In a further move forward into the digital era of career services, the University of Pennsylvania has entered into a relationship with Portfolium. More than 16,000 students enrolled at Penn now have access to the cloud-based, turn-key ePortfolio platform intended to improve the process of building and updating a resume. Instead of focusing on traditional […]
January 17, 2016
Portfolium Partners with Mortar Board premium
This month, Portfolium partnered with Mortar Board National College Senior Honor Society. Mortar Board is the premier national honor society that recognizes college seniors for outstanding achievement in all three of its Ideals: scholarship, leadership and service. Membership is synonymous with dedication and success. Only  selected students on are invited to join this esteemed society. Members […]
July 9, 2015
Drilling into “Clickable Credentials” premium
In this video snippet, you’ll learn how to differentiate awesome vs. OK candidates in 30 seconds or less. Clickable credentials are a key component of e-portfolios that help recruiters see evidence of how a candidate has actually applied the skills listed in their resume: To attract quality candidates with awesome clickable credentials, or to add credential […]
July 1, 2015
The New Career Journey: “See it, Do it, Prove it” premium
How Self-Empowered Jobseekers are Transforming Hiring and Higher Ed   Successful people today don’t look for job opportunities. They create them. The old “Catch-22” of needing to get_the_job in order to learn_the_job has been eliminated. To get professional experience today, you can make like Nike and “Just do it.” Students who want to code, draw, or […]